Day old baby layer chick with egg

Meyer Meal Maker

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Free Meal Maker Chick

Important Ordering Information: Meal Makers can only be added to your order as part of the checkout process. If you order the Marek's Vaccination Service on your order, your Meyer Meal Maker will also be vaccinated. 

A Meyer Meal Maker is a FREE day old baby chick from Meyer Hatchery.  Raise the chick to laying or butchering age and simply donate the eggs or meat produced from that chicken to a local family or charity. Whether you order 3 layers or 300, you can request a Meyer Meal Maker on every chick order you place. Same goes for meat birds! This is just one simple way you and your family can get involved and make a difference in your community.

What will my Meyer Meal Maker be? We will include a free extra chick that is similar to what is already on your order. Example: If you ordered all female layers, we send another female layer. Same goes if you order all meat birds - we would send a meat bird.

How can one chick make such a difference? If you receive an average laying Meyer Meal Maker chick,  you'll be able to donate roughly 182 eggs in one year after that hen begins laying. That's over 15 dozen eggs going to hungry people in your community. Just imagine if you and every other chicken keeper around the world kept one hen for the same purpose.

Meyer Meal Makers can only be included on select layer and broiler chick orders. Meyer Hatchery is not obligated to include a Meyer Meal Maker in other poultry orders, even if you have added that option. Since the Meal Maker Chick is free, they are not covered under our 48-hour guarantee--there can be no refund or reship for loss of your Meal Maker.