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Narragansett Heritage Turkeys

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Narragansett Heritage Turkeys

Dating back to the 1700’s, this calm heritage turkey breed is named after the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It is a cross between domestic European turkeys brought to the United States and Eastern wild turkeys. It was once the foundation of the turkey industry in the New England. The population was nearly wiped out in the 1950’s and diminished to only 6 known breeding birds left, according to the Livestock Conservancy 1997 census. Thankfully, numbers have risen although conservation status is still critical. 

Narragansett turkeys are black, gray, tan, and white with an appearance similar to that of the Bronze. They are well known for their calm temperament, egg production, meat quality, mothering abilities, and for maturing earlier than other heritage breeds. 

Average market weight: Toms 23 lbs, Hens 14 lbs. Old Toms 33 lb Old Hens 18 lbs.
Origin: United States
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Pale cream to med brown with spots
Egg Size: Large
Bird Size: 14 -23 lbs
Broody: Good mothers
Hardiness: Hardy
Personality: Docile
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