Octagon 40 Eco with Autoturn Cradle by Brinsea has electronic temperature control for reliable hatching results!

Octagon 40 Eco Incubator with Autoturn Cradle

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Octagon 40 Eco Brinsea Incubator with Autoturn Cradle

The Octagon 40 Eco Incubator with Autoturn Cradle by Brinsea is an excellent choice for 4-H and FFA Clubs, the classroom setting, or even a smaller operation at the homestead. The incubator is simple to use and boasts excellent visibility of your hatching eggs. The high-quality insulated cabinet keeps temperature reliably steady and your eggs are turned hourly courtesy of the external cradle.

You can easily hatch up to 48 chicken eggs, but the adjustable divider in this unit allows for a wide range of egg sizes, including large goose eggs. 

* Incubator measures 28 3/4" L x 11" H x 10" W. 
* Digital countdown display with alarm.