Original ForageCake Supplement (13 oz)

Original ForageCake Supplement (13 oz)

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We bring free range into the coop with Farmers' Helper ForageCakes for Chickens.

Decades of research by our team of experts in the fields of animal behavior, animal nutrition, and animal husbandry have been harnessed by partnering with state-of-the art feed manufacturers resulting in the creation of our premium Farmers' Helper ForageCakes.
ForageCakes are a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to provide nutritional supplementation, maintenance reduction, behavioral stimulation, disease prevention, and sustainability. ForageCakes are also specifically intended to yield more solid and manageable droppings, with reduced odor. Quality ingredients like dried catfish meal, crustacean meal, dried fruits, nut pieces, seeds, grains, and specially formulated Resolve Sustainable Solutions UltraKibble are pressed into each cake. Offer to chickens 8+ weeks old.
Dimensions: 8.5" x 7.1" x 2.4".
  • Help reduce ammonia odor. Proven ammonia reducing products like Zeolite helps reduce the smell from animal waste.
  • Boost immune systems by containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids to support immune and reproductive functions. Probiotics and natural vitamin E also support immune function and digestive tract health.
    • Provide behavioral stimulation. Foraging is a natural behavior for birds, and ForageCakes offer a supplemental diet that allows flocks to do what they do naturally...Forage.
  • Assist with flock maintenance by helping to eliminate egg-eating, feather picking and boredom.
INSTRUCTIONS: Feed ForageCakes in conjunction with daily maintenance ration. Place in secure "no-tip" feed-tray off the ground.

INGREDIENTS: Proso millet, cracked corn, UltraKibble (corn gluten meal, corn, soybean meal, linseed meal, catfish meal, dicalcium phosphate, crustacean meal, yeast culture, dried vegetables, vitamin premix, salt (NaCl), choline chloride, cinnamon and assorted spices, DE, primalac, lysine, selenium), oats, gelatin, corn syrup, dried cranberries, black sunflower seeds, zeolite,  vegetable pomace, vitamin supplement.