Partridge Penedesenca hens lay the darkest of all the brown eggs, often described as terracotta or dark chocolate reddish-brown.Partridge Penedesenca roosters have beautiful feathers, similar to the BBRed.Penedesencas lay the darkest of the brown eggs.Meyer Hatchery sells day old baby chicks online every day.Penedesencas have white lobes and lay brown eggs.

Partridge Penedesenca

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Partridge Penedesenca Chicks

This chick will come leg banded for easy identification. Remove leg band within 7 days.

Penedesenca Chickens are an extremely rare Spanish breed and almost went extinct until efforts were made in the 1980s to save it. The Penedesenca lays one of the darkest eggs of any chicken variety and is very hard to find in the United States. The Penedesenca egg is a dark chocolate reddish brown, often referred to as terracotta. You can expect 3-4 eggs per week from the hens. They are active and make excellent foragers.

Partridge Penedesenca hens are golden brown with a fine double laced/penciled feathering. The males resemble the colorful feathering of a Brown Leghorn. Penedesencas are an exception to the rule in regards to lobe color. They have white lobes, yet lay brown eggs. Penedesenca Chickens have clean legs.   

Average matures weight: roosters 5 1/2 lbs., hens 4 1/2 lbs.

* Due to the rarity of this breed, Meyer Hatchery has an ordering limit of 2. 
Class: Not Recognized
Origin: Spain
Comb Type: King or Carnation
Egg Color: Dark Brown
Egg Size: Small to Medium
Production: Very Good
Bird Size: Small 4 - 6 lbs.
Broody: No
Hardiness: Very Heat Hardy
Personality: Active, Flighty
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Oct 26, 2020

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Male: 23

Nov 2, 2020

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