The Porcelain d'Uccle rooster is a beauty.Belgian Bearded d'Uccles come in a beautiful porcelain color--a mix of cream, white, and blue feathers.Day Old Baby Porcelain Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantam Chickens for sale at Meyer Hatchery.Meyer Hatchery ships their day old baby chicks nationwide!	Porcelain Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantams

Porcelain Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantams

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Porcelain Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantam Chicks

Porcelain d’Uccles are beautiful bantams with a unique color pattern to their feathers. They have a muff of feathers around their faces that joins a beard on their throat area. Their heads are a golden straw color, with feathers tipped in white spangles. Most of these birds' feathers are straw yellow with white and a blue bar or crescent on them. The roosters' tails are pale blue tipped with white and wings are blue and yellow. d'Uccles have a single comb, lay small white eggs, and have feathered feet. They are also very docile and friendly, making them a favorite pet and exhibition breed.

Average weight: roosters 26 oz, hens 22 oz. Bantams are straight run only.
Class: Feather Legged
Origin: Belgium
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: Cream or Tinted
Egg Size: Tiny
Production: Fair 2/week
Matures: Very Slow
Bird Size: Hens 22 oz. - Cocks 26 oz.
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Do Poorly in Heat & Cold
Personality: Friendly, quiet
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Nov 2, 2020
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