Pied Guineas - Discontinued		Pied Guineas - Discontinued		Pied Guineas - Discontinued		Pied Guineas - Discontinued

Pied Guineas - Discontinued

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Pied Guinea Keets - Discontinued

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Guineas are shipped on Tuesdays, USPS Priority Mail, and will typically arrive in 1-3 days at your local post office. Guineas are not available for pickup and they are straight run only. Guineas have a combined minimum of 15--you are able to mix and match the different varieties and colors that we offer to meet the minimum.

Full-grown guineas have a naked head with a hard reddish crest on top that gives them a look all their own. Guineas are a delicacy when used for their richly flavored, dark colored meat. They have a loyal following for insect control. As watchdogs, they will yelp warning cries whenever a strange person or animal comes into their vicinity. (Pied) Dark gray like pearl guineas, but have a paler face and white feathers on chest and wings.
Origin: Africa
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Creamy Brown w/Dark Brown Flecks
Egg Size: Small
Production: Excellent
Bird Size: Hens 3 1/2 lbs Cocks 4 lbs
Hardiness: Can be of various colors (purple, pearl, chocolate, buff, and other colors) all with white in the wing, chest, and sometimes the back area.
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