PortaTrough 3

PortaTrough 3

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PortaTrough 3

The PortaTrough 3 is the perfect solution for feeding and watering all your animals. This all-purpose trough is difficult for animals to tip over and is stackable which makes it easy to move. High sides prevent feed from being knocked out and wasted. Side handles allow for easily tipping out water or ice with just the toe of your shoe. Rounded inner base discourages animals from walking inside the trough and the depth of water allows waterfowl to wash their heads but is not big enough for a full-body swim. Made out of heavy-duty polyethylene, so it won’t break if water freezes.  

Trough measures 34" L x 12.25" W at bottom; 32.25" L x by 10" W at top. Depth is 5.25" and weighs 8 pounds.