Partridge Silkie hens are excellent mothers.Partridge Silkie roosters are friendly and docile.Partridge Silkies are not notable layers but will lay small amounts of little white eggs.Day Old Baby Partridge Silkie Bantams for sale at Meyer Hatchery.

Partridge Silkie Bantams - Discontinued

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Partridge Silkie Bantam Chicks


Silkies are distinguished from all other types of chickens due to their silky, hair-like feathers and dark, purplish skin. They also have feathers on their legs and feet. Silkies are possibly the best choice if you want pet chickens. While they have many feathers they are not waterproof, do not retain heat well, cannot fly, are really just for looks great as a pet bird or for show.

Average weight: roosters 36 oz, hens 32 oz. Bantams are straight run only.

Class: Feather Legged
Origin: Asia
Comb Type: Walnut Comb
Egg Color: Lightly Tinted
Egg Size: Small
Production: Poor 1/week
Matures: Slow
Bird Size: Hens 32 oz. - Cocks 36 oz.
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Do Poorly in Heat & Cold
Personality: Docile, friendly, intelligent
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