Poultry and Swine Wash Concentrate, 1-Gallon

Poultry and Swine Wash Concentrate, 1-Gallon

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Poultry and Swine Wash Concentrate, 1-Gallon

BVS Poultry and Swine Wash Concentrate can be used on adult poultry, pigs, and farrowing sows to promote cleanliness. The ingredients in this wash concentrate are approved as direct and indirect food additives. Important, DO NOT use undiluted concentrate directly on poultry or pigs.

Diluting and Mixing Instructions: One-gallon container mixed with 2 gallons of potable water makes 3 gallons of ready-to-use poultry wash. To mix a smaller quantity, add 43 ounces of concentrate to 85 ounces of potable water to make 1 gallon of diluted wash solution.

Directions for Poultry Use: The diluted wash can be liberally applied with a sprayer. Do not rinse off: allow to air dry. Do not return any wash solution to the stock (mixing) container. 

Active Ingredients: Lauricidin (Glycerol Monolaurate), Caprylic Acid*/Capric Acid*, Lactic Acid *Including corresponding propylene glycol monofatty acid esters