Meyer Hatchery’s Rare Marans Chicken Collection can include any of the following rare Marans: Black Copper Marans, Blue Splash Marans, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Blue Copper Marans and White Marans.White Marans hens lay dark brown eggs.Golden Cuckoo Marans Chickens have a beautiful feather coloration.Marans roosters can reach up to 8 pounds and make a great meat bird due to their flavor.

Assorted Rare Marans

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Assorted Rare Marans Chicks

Marans are highly sought after for their darker brown eggs, with the Black Coppers typically having the darkest. In fact, some French chefs will use no other chicken eggs in their cooking because they believe they have a superior taste and quality. They are also an excellent dual-purpose breed, known for their flavorful meat, fast growth, and good size of the males. Marans are a docile breed and lay 150-200 large eggs per year. Average mature weight: Roosters 8 1/2 lbs., Hens 7 lbs.

When ordering 3 or more chicks, Meyer Hatchery’s Assorted Rare Marans will include at least three (3) different varieties of the Marans colors we carry. Please note, while Black Copper Marans may lay a chocolate brown egg, the others are typically various lighter shades. 

** Due to the rarity of this breed, a maximum of 15 can be ordered at a time. 

Class: Not Recognized
Origin: France
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: Dark Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: Good
Bird Size: Heavy 7 - 9 lbs.
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Cold Hardy
Personality: Calm, Quiet and Gentle
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Oct 26, 2020

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Male: 100+

Nov 2, 2020

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