Royal Purple Guineas - Discontinued		Royal Purple Guineas - Discontinued

Royal Purple Guineas - Discontinued

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Royal Purple Guinea Keets - Discontinued

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Guineas are shipped on Tuesdays, USPS Priority Mail, and will typically arrive in 1-3 days at your local post office. Guineas are not available for pickup and they are straight run only. Guineas have a combined minimum of 15--you are able to mix and match the different varieties and colors that we offer to meet the minimum.

Royal Purple guineas have dark, nearly black feathers with light “pearls” or spots. The feathers on the neck and breast can sometimes have a dark purple sheen to them. As with all guinea fowl, they have featherless heads and a bright red crest and wattles. 

Guineas can be a great addition to your flock for several reasons. They eat lots of insects, especially devouring ticks. Guineas are also excellent alarms and can help protect your flock from daytime predators. Learn more about raising guineas on our blog.

Guinea hens can lay 60-100 eggs per year, but they do tend to hide their nests. Guineas have rich, dark, flavorful meat and are considered a delicacy in many areas. Male guineas weigh about 3.5 pounds and females about 3 pounds. They can easily fly short distances and like to roost high in trees. 

Origin: Africa
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Creamy Brown w/Dark Brown Flecks
Egg Size: Small
Production: Excellent
Bird Size: Hens 3 1/2 lbs Cocks 4 lbs
Hardiness: Dark Black Color with a Purplish sheen with no regular dotting
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