Sebastopol Geese 		Sebastopol Geese

Sebastopol Geese

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Sebastopol Geese

This dual-purpose breed originated in Southeastern Europe and was named after Sebastopol, a Russian city from which they were imported to the USA.  Sebastopols are descendants of the European Greylag Goose. Their wings, bodies, and tails are draped with elegant, soft quilled, curling feathers.  Their intriguing feathers are certainly aesthetically pleasing to the eye but aren’t capable of insulating the goose as normal feathers would.  Thus, a nice draft free quarters in cold weather would suit this breed well. Male and female Sebastopols have pure white feathers, orange bills, and feet, as well as blue eyes. Juveniles of this breed may have traces of gray.

Average mature weight: Gander 13 lbs, Goose 11 lbs.

***Due to the rarity of this breed, you may only order 6 maximum of the Sebastopol Geese.
Class: Medium Class
Origin: Southeastern Europe
Comb Type:
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: 9.25 in
Production: 25-35/yearly
Matures: 1-2 years
Bird Size: 11-13 lbs
Broody: Poor
Hardiness: Not cold hardy due to feathers
Personality: Social, Calm, Quiet
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