Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans eBook		Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans eBook		Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans eBook

Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans eBook

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Believe it or not there are a lot of things to consider when building a chicken tractor. Author, John Suscovich, spent countless hours pouring over and researching every detail. By the time he was done he had a design that not only made him happy, the chickens loved it, and it constantly impresses his customers and fellow farmers. “Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans” is meant to save you those thousands of hours so you can get right into raising a flock of your own.

This eBook is so much more than just a set of plans for the most practical chicken tractor design yet, it also includes: 2D and 3D drafting of every component. Detailed drawings of special elements. Materials list with cost breakdown. Over 50 full color photographs. An explanation of all the materials he chose. Walk through of the building process. Walk through of the moving process. Built in predator protection. Details on his custom chicken feeders and waterers that you haven’t thought of yet. Tips and information to save you time and money. Plus bonus extras!

You will have a chicken tractor that stands up to being moved around pasture every day. It will last you years, flex to uneven ground without losing it’s shape when back on flat ground, keep your birds safe from all manner of predators, and keep your birds happy and healthy.

Suscovich's design has the potential for more than one use. Imagine being able to: Raise broiler chickens for meat, raise egg laying birds, use as a cold frame for season extension of crops, or have a wicked-awesome fort for your kids!

Take the guesswork out of building your own chicken tractor. Found within the pages of this extensive eBook are detailed drafting, materials list, cost breakdown, walk-through of the building process and more. Filled with tips to save you time and money. The eBook will be sent via email within 3 business days. The eBook may not be returned.