Swedish Flower Hens lay up to 150 eggs per year!Swedish Flower Chickens have tons of diversity to them--from color to comb!Swedish Flower roosters make excellent meat birds.Swedish Flower Chickens are a landrace breed.Day Old Baby Swedish Flower Chicks for sale at Meyer Hatchery.Swedish Flower Eggs

Swedish Flower Hen

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Swedish Flower Chicks

This chick will come leg banded for easy identification. Remove leg band within 7 days.

Meyer Hatchery is excited to offer the Swedish Flower, also known as the Blommehons, a very hardy and ultra-rare breed of chicken. The Swedish Flower is a landrace, meaning the birds were not selected by breeders for a specific color or feature but were allowed to naturally select. Over time, this process developed a unique breed of chickens that were ideally suited for their environment.

Swedish Flower Chickens come in a mix of colors ranging from red, yellow, black, and even blue. Some of the birds have a slight crest at the top of their heads and others do not. Swedish Flowers generally have whitish spots at the tips of their feathers, giving them a speckled (or flowered) appearance. 

Swedish Flowers were first introduced into the United States in 2010. They are friendly, docile, and cold hardy, making them an exceptional homestead choice. They lay around 150 pale brown to tinted eggs per year. Egg size can range from medium to extra large. 

Note: The Swedish Flower Chickens have a lot of variation between them because they are not bred for specific colors, patterns, or features. Some of the birds may have "flower" or spots, some will not. Some of the birds will have floppy combs, others will have various degrees of floppiness. By leaving as much genetic diversity as possible in our breeder flocks, we are providing a more natural bird and one most able to adapt to any environment, which is what makes the Swedish Flower such an amazing addition to any flock. 

Average mature weight: rooster 6-7 lbs., hen 5 lbs.
Class: Not Recognized
Origin: Sweden
Comb Type: Single
Egg Color: Tan - Light Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: Very Good
Bird Size: Hen 5 lbs., Rooster 6-7 lbs.
Broody: Infrequent
Hardiness: Cold hardy
Personality: Calm
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Nov 2, 2020

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