Large Bird Shipping Boxes

Large Bird Shipping Boxes

Product Code : SHIPPER-SM

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Small - 8x8x18



Medium - 16x16x16



Large - 32x16x20


Large Bird Shipper Box - Small

The Large Bird Shipper Boxes, manufactured by Horizon Micro-Environments, are the same boxes we use here at Meyer Hatchery to ship our started pullets. The small size box measures 8" x 8" x 18" and can hold up to 2 young chickens or equally sized birds. 

These large bird shippers are USPS approved. An uninstalled handle and biofilter material are included with boxes; zip ties are not. The biofilter material is a 6" x 12" strip, that you will cut into 4 6" x 6" strips to install as needed. 

If you would like your boxes assembled, Meyer Hatchery needs at least 24-hour notice to prepare them for pickup. There is an assembly fee of $2.00 per box, item #SHIP-SMFEE. Assembly is not an option for shipped orders.