Silver Pheasant Adult Pair		Silver Pheasant Adult Pair		Silver Pheasant Adult Pair		Silver Pheasant Adult Pair		Silver Pheasant Adult Pair

Silver Pheasant Adult Pair

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Silver Pheasant Adult Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Pheasants are shipped on Wednesdays, USPS Priority Mail Express, and will typically arrive in 1-2 days at your local post office. Pheasants are not available for pickup. Wings can be clipped upon request. Shipping cost is $50.00 per pair.  

Silver Pheasants, Lophura nycthemera, are a unique and striking ornamental pheasant addition for your aviary. Silver Pheasants are native to southeast Asia and China. The male Silver Pheasant is a beautiful bird with red facial appendages, a black crest, white patterned top of neck, black wings and tail, and black underbody feathering. It may take up to 2 years before males reach their full adult feathering. Female Silver pheasants are olive-brown with a slight pattern and a small black crest. The legs on both genders are red. Adult pairs of Silver Pheasants will be fully feathered with their adult plumage. 

Females are seasonal layers (spring) and can lay up to 20 eggs that incubate for 25-26 days. Males weigh approximately 4.5 pounds and have an overall length of 46 inches (beak to tail). Females are smaller, weighing an average of 3.5 pounds with an overall body length of 40 inches.
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