Extend your Wise Feeder Capacity with the Silo Extender. Each one adds 10 pounds, and you can add a total of 4 to your existing Wise Feeder.	Silo Extender for Wise Feeder

Silo Extender for Wise Feeder

Product Code : SLOX

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Wise Mountable Feeder - 20lb Capacity



Silo Extender - Adds 10lbs


Silo Extender for Wise Feeder

Extend the capacity of your Wise Feeder with this Silo Extender. Multiple extenders may be stacked onto a single feeder, with a recommended maximum of 4, for a total of 40-pounds of feed. Each extender adds approximately 10-pounds of feed capacity and is made of high quality, durable plastic. Your Wise Feeder can now grow with your flock!

* Silo extender measures 11.5” L x 5.5” W x 7” H. 
* Can be used with either the Wise Cage Feeder or the Wise Mountable Feeder.