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Stainless Steel Plucker

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Stainless Steel Plucker Brower Equipment

For the homesteader looking for a more serious feather plucker to aid their processing, the Brower Stainless Steel Utility Picker model BP25SS is a great choice. A great option for pastured poultry, this picker features a feather exhaust, a water spray ring, and is constructed of durable and easy to clean stainless steel.

All it takes is about 30 seconds to pick all the feathers from 3 to 6 broilers or 1-2 hen turkeys. This plucker is also big enough to do a smaller tom turkey, though it wouldn’t be big enough for a larger broad breasted or heritage breed tom. 

* Ideal size for small homestead or backyard chicken use.
* Convenient load height of 37 inches.
* Picker measures 22” W x 24” L x 37” H, with a tub diameter of 25”. 
* 1hp, 115/220V, 60htz motor. 
* Model: BP25SS