Top Filled Walled Waterer from Meyer Hatchery holds up to 3 gallons of water. Easy to use and clean, it makes watering your chickens a breeze! Suitable for up to 35 adult chickens.

Top Fill Double Walled Waterer 3 gal.

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Top Filled Double-Walled 3-Gallon Waterer

The Top Filled Double-Walled Waterer from Meyer Hatchery fills up to a 3-gallon capacity and can supply up to 35 adult birds with a fresh water source. Waterer is constructed of heavy-duty double-walled plastic for durability and will provide you with many years of use. Easy to use and clean, this waterer makes your chicken chores quick and simple.  

* Dimensions: 19" tall x 13.6" diameter.
* 3-gallon water capacity.
* Easily waters up to 35 adult chickens and other backyard poultry.
* Heavy duty plastic double-walled construction.
* Convenient top fill design.