The Healthy Hens Handbook

The Healthy Hens Handbook

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Written by one of the world’s foremost poultry keepers, with over 20 years of experience advising other poultry keepers on the health and wellbeing  of their flock, this book covers every angle of maintaining a healthy flock of chickens. Pitched at both the back garden chicken keeper who perhaps keeps a few free range chickens for eggs and smallholders with larger flocks of non-intensive stock, it covers all aspects of keeping your birds both healthy and productive, with extensive sections on:

* Choosing your healthy hens 
* A healthy environment
* Healthy housing 
* Feeding for health
* Spotting early signs of problems
* Hens with special needs
* A complete A-Z of chicken ailments 
* Diagnostic tables 
* The annual chicken MOT

Accompanied by full color photographs and diagrams, each section is color-coded to help the reader to access the relevant the relevant chapters at a glance. Written in Terry’s down-to-earth style, this will be a classic work of reference for the nation’s chicken keepers for many years to come.