Top Hatch Incubator

Top Hatch Incubator

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Top Hatch Incubator

The Top Hatch incubator by Brower is a good alternative to the styrofoam incubators. The base is dishwasher safe on the low-heat setting, so cleaning is really easy. This incubator has a built-in turning mechanism that allows the eggs to rotate freely within the incubator’s base, turning by about 20 degrees in alternating directions with each turn. Any size egg can fit in this incubator without the need for additional rails or turner racks, so it is cost effective if you hatch different types of poultry. The electronic thermostat allows accurate control of the heat, with a 60-watt bulb and built-in fan located in the heating core for efficient operation. The clear lid allows viewing of the hatch. Humidity is provided by adding water to the bottom of the tub below the turner tray. 

Top Hatch Incubator weighs approximately 13 pounds and measures 18" in overall diameter. Approximate egg capacity is as follows: 48 chicken eggs, 120 quail eggs, 48 pheasant eggs, 24 turkey eggs, or 16 goose eggs. 1-year manufacturer warranty.