Tripod Waterer 8 Gallon Capacity stands on 3 legs that elevate it just over 5 inches from the ground, perfect for chickens, turkeys, and other homestead birds.

Tripod Waterer, 8-Gallon

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8-Gallon Tripod Waterer

Tripod Waterer is an innovative way to water your flock. Whether it be adult birds or waterfowl, this waterer is great for your coop or in the pasture for your free-range flock. Waterer is made of sturdy plastic with a convenient top fill design. Features a shut-off valve and a sturdy handle to carry. The 3 legs elevate the water basin 5.5 inches off the ground which will help keep your water clean and off your bedding. 

* 8-gallon capacity is suitable for 100 adult chickens.
* Base sits 5.5" above ground.
* Unit weights 7.5 pounds.