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Trumpeter Swan Breeder Pair

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Trumpeter Swan Breeder Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Swans are shipped on Wednesdays, via airline cargo, and will arrive the same day. They will need to be picked up from the airport upon arrival. Shipping and transportation crate is included in the price of your birds. Swans are not available for local pickup. All swans for sale by Meyer Hatchery are pinioned, which means they are unable to fly.

Trumpeter Swans are the biggest waterfowl native to North America. Mature males stand around 4 feet tall! Because of their size, Trumpeter Swans need at least 300 feet of running space to take off in flight. 

Trumpeter Swans prefer the cold of northern regions, but can be kept comfortably anywhere in the United States. You will need a body of water for them, and they prefer lakes, ponds, and large, slow-moving rivers with lots of vegetation. 

Trumpeter Swans enjoy aquatic plants and grasses that can be found in and around water. This can be supplemented with a commercial waterfowl feed as well as green leafy produce. 

Trumpeter Swans breeding season lasts from March thru October. Trumpeters will typically bond with their mate when they are 3-4 years of age. Trumpeters typically mate for life but do occasionally seek a new mate. Pens will lay a clutch of 4-6 cream to off-white eggs and they will hatch in 32-37 days. They will nest close to shore and reuse their nest year after year. 

Adult Trumpeter Swans are a beautiful solid white with black bill and legs. Yearlings are gray-brown and will turn solid white at around 2 years of age. As the name implies, their call is loud and sounds like a trumpet. Mature Trumpeter Swan cobs (males) weigh around 26 pounds, pens (females) around 22 pounds. They range from 54 to 62 inches in length and have an impressive wingspan of 80 inches. Trumpeters live 12-15 years in the wild and 20-30 in captivity.
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