Home Plucker Deluxe model HPD-M is the answer to larger bird plucking needs. Quick and safe to use.

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Home Plucker Deluxe

Home Plucker Deluxe is designed for the homesteader that processes larger birds, such as capons, smaller turkeys, or geese. Plucker makes processing poultry quick and safe, and cleanup easy. 

* Plucker is ideal for birds up to 15 pounds. 
* Galvanized Steel Construction for longevity.
* Plucker comes with a 1/2 hp 110v 60hz enclosed motor. 
* Unit measures 50" H x 19" W x 33" D, and weighs 124 pounds. 
* Drum measures 14” H x 14” diameter with 105 plucking fingers, arranged scientifically for quick and thorough picking.
* Plucker has a feather deflector built-in to guide feathers and water under the machine. This makes cleanup easy! 
* Machine also hoses off quickly, no disassembly required.
* Belt guard for operator safety.
* Model HPD-M