Simply hang Uncle Jimmy's Pecken Recker in your coop for your chickens to enjoy.Uncle Jimmy's Pecken Recker is packed full of corn, wheat, oats, alfalfa pellets, and more!

Uncle Jimmy's Pecken Recker

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Uncle Jimmy's Pecken Recker

Want to help entertain your chickens, while helping to encourage pecking instincts? Uncle Jimmy‚Äôs Pecken Recker is the perfect coop boredom treat for your chickens! They will spend hours trying to peck at the hanging food. Included in this supplement are stones that assist with digestion and ground oyster shells that help with egg production and strength.  

* Includes corn, wheat, oat, alfalfa pellets, as well as granite grit and oyster shells.
* Analysis: 9% crude protein, min 2% crude fat, max 8% crude fiber.
* Net Weight 640g (22.6oz)