Marek's Disease vaccine, diluent, syringe and needle

Marek's Disease vaccine, diluent, syringe and needle

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Marek's (HVT) Disease Vaccination Kit

This Injectable vaccine is used for the prevention of Marek's Disease. One vial contains 1,000 doses. Inject 0.2 ml subcutaneously in the back of one-day-old chicks' neck. Kit includes vaccine, dilutent, 26-gauge needle and 1.0 ml syringe.

All vaccines should be refrigerated upon arrival and have a long shelf life when stored properly. Mix vaccine with dilutent and use within 1 hour. The leftover solution cannot be stored as vaccination must be given within 1 hour of mixing. Live vaccine.

We ship in a Styrofoam cooler Mon-Wed only. Pick-up customers should bring their own cooler for transport. There are no returns or refunds on vaccines.