Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

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Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

This combo vaccine is used for the prevention of Newcastle and Bronchitis in chickens. One vial contains 2500 doses. This is a live vaccine, consisting of the Newcastle Disease Virus, B1 type, B1 strain and infectious bronchitis virus, Massachusetts and Connecticut types. 

Usage information: The Newcastle and Bronchitis Vaccination Kit does not come with a dilutant or eye dropper. Add vaccination to your chickens' drinking water or mix with sterile water. You can also add 1-ounce powdered skim milk to 2 gallons of water to encourage consumption. Chicks should be vaccinated at 14 days, and then again at 4 weeks and 14 weeks of age. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of processing. 

Pickup and Shipping Information: Meyer Hatchery ships vaccinations to you in an insulated cooler Monday thru Wednesdays only. Pickup customers should bring their own cooler for transport. All vaccines should be refrigerated upon arrival. No returns or refunds on vaccines.