Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

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Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

This combo vaccine is used for the prevention of Newcastle and Bronchitis in chickens. One vial contains 2500 doses. This is a live vaccine, consisting of the Newcastle Disease Virus, B1 type, B1 strain and infectious bronchitis virus, Massachusetts and Connecticut types. 

Usage information: The Newcastle and Bronchitis Vaccination Kit does not come with a dilutant or eye dropper. Add vaccination to your chickens' drinking water or mix with sterile water. You can also add 1-ounce powdered skim milk to 2 gallons of water to encourage consumption. Chicks should be vaccinated at 14 days, and then again at 4 weeks and 14 weeks of age. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of processing. 

All vaccines should be refrigerated upon arrival and have a long shelf life when stored properly. Mix vaccine with dilutent and use within 1 hour. The leftover solution cannot be stored as vaccination must be given within 1 hour of mixing. 

We ship in a Styrofoam cooler Mon-Wed only. Pick-up customers should bring their own cooler for transport. There are no returns or refunds on vaccines.