Vintage Style Egg Carton 100 Pack		Vintage Style Egg Carton 100 Pack

Vintage Style Egg Carton 100 Pack

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The "EGG BOX" is back!

Do you remember these egg cartons? We do! For years our customers have been asking where they could find vintage style 3 x 4 (3 egg by 4 egg) paper egg cartons. They did not exist anywhere until now!

What was once only a collector's item is now available to you for everyday use at the market. These great egg boxes from yesteryear have a vintage style that will bring back fond memories for you and your customers. Your customers will not forget where they bought the eggs that come in this vintage style egg carton. This new egg carton has a natural (gray) color. Made from 100% recycled fiber paper. This carton holds from small to extra large eggs.

This egg carton features universal printing consisting of an old fashioned farm scene printed with blue ink. Printing also includes newest regulatory printing, including FDA Safe Handling Instructions, Nutrition Information and Refrigeration Instructions.

There is ample room for Grade Size, Pricing and your own Custom Rubber Stamper (up to 5½" long).