Vet Rx (2 oz)

Vet Rx (2 oz)

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Vet Rx Poultry Remedy 2 oz

Vet Rx Poultry Remedy is an effective aid in the treatment of respiratory diseases in all types of poultry including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and more. Use for conditions such as colds, croup, scaly legs, eye worm and also as a good overall conditioner for show animals. Vet Rx is safe to use with egg-laying chickens--eggs can be consumed during treatment.

To prepare the solution: Vet Rx is not soluble in cold water, so the product must be gently warmed and then diluted into very warm water prior to administration. Follow label directions for proper warming and dilution. Mix 1 tablespoon of Vet Rx into 1 cup of very warm water.

Dosages: Solution may be added to a spray bottle and misted over the entire flock, or treat individual birds by dripping the diluted solution into the bird’s nostrils. You may also soak a cotton swab with the diluted solution and swab the inside of the infected bird’s mouth and throat. Treat up to 4 times a day until symptoms improve. If symptoms do not improve within 3 days, consult a veterinarian.

Active ingredients: Canada balsam, camphor, oil of origanum, oil of rosemary.