Whooper Swans Breeder Pair		Whooper Swans Breeder Pair		Whooper Swans Breeder Pair

Whooper Swans Breeder Pair

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Whooper Swans Breeder Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Swans are shipped on Wednesdays via Delta Cargo to your nearest international airport. Swans ship for FREE. Swans are not available for pickup. All swans for sale by Meyer Hatchery are pinioned, meaning they are unable to fly.

The Whooper Swan “Cygnus Cygnus” is known for their large white body with a long thin neck, which is typically held upright. They have black legs, with a black bill. Their bill has a triangular yellow patch on it, which is unique to each Whooper Swan. The Juveniles are brown and gray with more of a pink and yellow beak. As they reach full maturity they will develop the Whooper Swan look.

Known to be the heaviest flying birds in the world, the Whooper Swans weigh 25-30 lbs and have a wingspan of 80-102 inches wide. Whooper Swans enjoy a variety of habitats including swamps, fields, farmland, and other coastal areas. You want to be sure they have plenty of open water. Whooper Swans will spend most of their time on the water, eating the vegetation in the shallow areas. In captivity, swans can also be fed a waterfowl feed as well as supplemental greens and veggies.  

For breeding, Whooper Swans require a sheltered, more secluded nesting area. The breeding season for Whooper Swans begins in mid-May. They will have a clutch of 4-7 eggs and incubation takes 36 days. Whooper Swans mate for life with 1 partner. The cygnets will stay with their parents through their first winter. The male Whooper Swan will guard the female and eggs and actually help to raise the cygnets when they hatch.  

This talkative, gorgeous breed will make a great addition to any pond or lake. If you are looking for a swan that is truly unique than the Whooper Swan is for you.
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