Wise Mountable Feeder holds 20 pounds of feed.Rain hood included on the Wise mountable feeder. Available in store and shipped at Meyer Hatchery.Wise mountable feeder is simple to attach and remove.Mounting brackets and hardware included on the Wise Mountable 20 pound feeder.	Wise Mountable Feeder		Wise Mountable Feeder

Wise Mountable Feeder

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Wise Mountable Feeder - 20lb Capacity



Silo Extender - Adds 10lbs


Wise Mountable 20-Pound Capacity Poultry Feeder

This 20-pound poultry feeder is great for all types of poultry. Included grill helps discourage the scratching out of feed, keeping waste to a minimum. With its adjustable feed flow and optional rain hood, it can be mounted anywhere around your chicken yard, attaching to a fence post, coop wall or even a tree. Ideal height from ground is 6-10 inches. The feeder is expandable by simply adding a silo extender (extras sold separately). 

* Suitable for up to 80 adult chickens.
* Rain hood and mounting hardware included.
* Green and white plastic construction.
* Dimensions: 11.5" L x 5.5" W, x 16" H.