White Mute Swan Yearling Pair		White Mute Swan Yearling Pair		White Mute Swan Yearling Pair		White Mute Swan Yearling Pair

White Mute Swan Yearling Pair

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White Mute Swan Yearling Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Swans are shipped on Wednesdays, via airline cargo, and will arrive the same day. They will need to be picked up from the airport upon arrival. Shipping and transportation crate is included in the price of your birds. Swans are not available for local pickup. All swans purchased from Meyer Hatchery are pinioned, which means they are unable to fly. We are unable to ship White Mute Swans to the following states due to state fish and game regulations: California, New York, Maryland, and Oregon.

The White Mute Swan is the most widely kept swan species by feathered fanciers. This graceful creature was introduced into the United States from Eurasia sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. Although much quieter than its relatives, the mute swan is not truly mute. They make grunting, hoarse whistling and snorting noise to communicate with their cygnets (baby swans) and will hiss at encroaching predators. Swans, in general, have maintained their "wild" personality, but can be groomed into a unique pet. 

Males tend to be aggressive when his nesting mate is setting, but are passive outside of breeding season. As with all swans, White Mute Swans mate for life. If one mate is widowed, the other will seek out a new mate. Breeding season lasts from March/April until June. Mute Swans are ground nesters, and will lay a clutch of 2-5 pale blue-greens eggs that will hatch in about 36 to 38 days. 

Another wild trait still seen in swans is their inherent desire to wander off on their own accord. All of Meyer Hatchery swans are pinioned so they are unable to fly, but White Mute Swans can travel distances by foot. To keep your swans on your property, make sure they have plenty of natural food in and around your water source and supplement with waterfowl feed if needed. Swans will eat aquatic vegetation as well as grains, seeds, and other greens like grasses or produce. A fence at least 3 foot high may be necessary. Swans require access to water in a lake, pond, coast or slow moving river at all times.

Males, or Cobs, weigh around 26 pounds and females, or Pens, weigh around 20 pounds. Mute Swans measure around 50 to 60 inches in length and have a wingspan of 82 to 94 inches. They are one of the largest of all the waterfowl. Adult White Mute Swans are solid white, while yearlings tend to have brown or gray feathers. 
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