White Crested Black Polish hens are known for their feathered heads.Polish roosters have quite the v-comb.Polish chickens lay plenty of small to medium white eggs.Polish chicks are easy to identify, their top hats are visible at birth.

White Crested Black Polish

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White Crested Black Polish Chicks

If you’re looking for a chicken with style and pizzazz, Meyer Hatchery’s Polish Chickens are for you. The White Crested Black variety of Polish have black bodies and a white crest of feathers on their head. Some will have beards, some will not, and they will all have an unusual v-comb.

Not only will you have the coolest chicken in the neighborhood, but these lovely ladies will also supply you with a good number of small to medium white eggs every year. They are also a quiet breed. Be careful when free-ranging though because that crest of feathers can limit their vision, so they are not as good as other breeds at seeing predators. We also offer the White Crested Black Polish Chicken in a smaller bantam variety as well.

Average mature weight: roosters 6 lbs., hen 4 1/2 lbs.

Class: Continental
Origin: Holland
Comb Type: V-Shaped Comb
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Small-Medium
Production: Fair
Bird Size: Small 4 - 6 lbs.
Broody: No
Hardiness: Heat and cold hardy
Personality: Quiet & Docile
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