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White Chinese Geese

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White Chinese Day Old Goslings

IMPORTANT ORDERING DETAILS: Goslings have a minimum of 3 and you are able to mix and match among goose breeds to meet this minimum. Goslings will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, USPS priority mail, and arrive 1-3 days later. Goslings are not able to be picked up as they are sent from our partner hatchery.

Chinese Geese are light, graceful birds that have been bred primarily for ornamental purposes.  This breed is a descendant of the wild swan goose native to Asia.  It obtained the nickname “swan goose” because of its elegant long graceful neck. White Chinese geese are frosted white and have a prominently raised knob and orange feet.  They are prolific egg layers with a great personality. This is a very talkative breed that makes a great guard goose.  They are perfect for alarming when intruders are near or when they feel threatened. Due to their small stature, White Chinese geese also make great weeders.

Average mature weight: Gander 12-13 lbs, Goose 9-10 lbs
Class: Light Class
Origin: China
Comb Type:
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: 9 inches
Production: Very Good 45-55/yr
Matures: 1 year
Bird Size: 10-13 Lbs
Broody: Rarely
Hardiness: Tolerant of all climates
Personality: Noisy, active foragers
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