White Plymouth Rock hens are dependable layers.White Rock roosters are friendly and calm.White Rock Chickens lay lots of big brown eggs.Day old baby White Plymouth Rock chicks for sale at Meyer Hatchery.

White Rock

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White Plymouth Rock Chicks

Just like grandma used to raise! White Plymouth Rock Chickens are large, all-white birds, known for their calm and pleasant personality and egg laying abilities. They were developed in Massachusetts and named after the rock the Pilgrims first stepped foot on. 

White Plymouth Rock chickens lay around 200 to 280 large pinkish to medium-brown eggs per year. Plymouth Rocks are also great for meat. Roosters can be processed around 15-20 weeks. White Rocks are also very cold hardy. 

Average mature weight: roosters 9 lbs., hens 71/2 lbs.


Class: American
Origin: United States
Comb Type: Single
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: Very Good
Matures: Somewhat Early
Bird Size: Heavy 7 - 9 1/2 lbs
Broody: Infrequently
Hardiness: Very Cold Hardy
Personality: Docile
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Nov 2, 2020

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