White Silkie Bantam Chickens available to order online from Meyer HatcheryWhite Silkie Bantam roosters are friendly and sweet too!Silkies lay small creamy colored eggs.Day Old Baby White Silkie Bantam Chicken Chicks for sale online at Meyer Hatchery. Also available to pick up here in Polk, Ohio.

White Silkie Bantams

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White Silkie Bantam Chicks

Silkies are one of the top pet chickens due to their friendly nature and soft fluffy feathers. Silkies have unusual feathers that are very similar to down. This does render them flightless and they are not cold hardy. Silkies are excellent mothers and lay a small amount of little cream colored eggs and are an ideal pet chicken. Meyer Hatchery's Silkies are a mix of bearded and non-bearded.

Average weight: roosters 36 oz, hens 32 oz. Bantams are straight run only.

Class: Feather Legged
Origin: Asia
Comb Type: Walnut Comb
Egg Color: Lightly Tinted
Egg Size: Tiny
Production: Poor 1/week
Matures: Slow
Bird Size: Hens 32 oz. - Cocks 36 oz.
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Do Poorly in Heat
Personality: Friendly & Docile
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Nov 2, 2020
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