Yellow Golden Pheasant Adult Pair		Yellow Golden Pheasant Adult Pair		Yellow Golden Pheasant Adult Pair		Yellow Golden Pheasant Adult Pair

Yellow Golden Pheasant Adult Pair

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Yellow Golden Pheasant Adult Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Pheasants are shipped on Wednesdays, USPS Priority Mail Express, and will typically arrive in 1-2 days at your local post office. Pheasants are not available for pickup. Wings can be clipped upon request. Shipping costs are $50.00 per pair.  

Yellow Golden Pheasants are a yellow mutation of the Red Golden Pheasant with their origins beginning in Italy. These birds are an excellent choice for beginners as they adapt and thrive quite well in aviary settings, and require little to no shelter, even in the cold winter months. However, it is important that your aviary provides plenty of shade, as their bright yellow plumage will dull in direct sunlight over time. These adult birds will arrive to you already showing off that strikingly vibrant color because they are at least one year of age and have their adult plumage. 

Yellow Golden Pheasants are very successful ground foragers and consume a diet of primarily berries, seeds, grains, greens, and insects. You will want to supplement this diet with a fresh supply of standard game bird feed and a fresh supply of water. 

The breeding season for the Yellow Golden Pheasants begins in early April and continues until June, with one male breeding with several females. Clutches of 8 to 12 cream colored eggs will be laid by the females with an incubation period of approximately 23 days. For this breed in particular, it is advised to provide them with as many natural surrounds as you can for nest building, mating, and foraging. 

Yellow Golden Pheasant adult males will have an average body length of 35 to 41 inches, with the females being slightly smaller. The tails on both males and females account for over one-half of the total body length! In captivity, healthy birds can expect to live from 13 to 20 years of age.  
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